About Age Wise Institute

Age Wise Institute seeks to change the paradigm of aging, by promoting dynamism at every age and sharing wisdom across generations.

Age Wise develops this mission through: Education, Research and Community Programming.

Our Story

OLD AGE is NOT a disease nor is it a diagnosis. Old age tells a story of aging, but it doesn’t have to be a story of decline.

The story of aging can be a story of life and health, where dignity in old age is something to which everyone can aspire. In the past, and currently in many cultures, the elderly were guardians of traditions, knowledge, and history. Their position in the community was one of high status, prominence and authority.

In the 2012 US Census, 24 percent of the US population was listed as elderly and that number is expected to grow to 40 percent over the next thirty years. But aging in America is not a pretty story.  The elderly of today face desperate health conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s: some five percent of the population older than 65 are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The prevalence doubles every five years beyond age 65.  Nearly half of people aged 85 years or older will suffer from this disorder.
  • Loneliness: is a major health risk and precursor for Alzheimer’s disease. Social isolation now affects over 40 percent of older adults and the detrimental effects on their health are comparable to smoking and three times greater than obesity.
  • Low Social Economic Status: disparities in health are related to income and access to resources. Older individuals with lower SES have increased mortality rates, higher stroke incidences, higher incidence of progressive chronic kidney diseases and small social networks with lower quality social relationships. This is also associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Nutrition

NUNM is looking to partner with evidenced-based community programs, if you are interested in partnering up please contact Amy Henderson, MA, our Lead Gerontologist at: ahenderson@nunm.edu