Food as Medicine Institute Classes

Food as Medicine Everyday – 12 Week Program

The Food As Medicine Everyday Series is a 12-week program coordinated and instructed by a FAMI physician or nutritionist on location.  The FAME series includes 90-minutes of weekly instruction for up to 20 participants (depending on location) which includes hands-on meal preparation, nutrition lecture, and a complete meal enjoyed as a community. Costs will also cover weekly administration costs, shopping time, prep and clean-up of workshop.

Cost per person – $365.00 (minimum of 10)

Other Cooking and Demo Classes

Blending Class

Class length: 1 hour

Participants will learn a variety of recipes using a simple blender; from a healing smoothie, a warm soup and a pleasing dip. Class will include materials and teaching time.

Cost per participant – $30.00 (minimum of 7 participants)

Introduction to Fermentation with Liz Boggs from Heart to Heart Farms

Class length: 1 hour

Learn the basics of fermentation and why it is so beneficial to healthy digestion. Class will include many wonderful samples as well as a simple quick kraut recipe for one to try at home. Lecture includes a take home jar of fermented veggies.

Cost per participant – $45.00 (minimum of 7 participants)

Grocery store tours

Class length: 2 hours

A nutrition graduate from NUNM will host a walking tour through the grocery store with the residents to show easy ways to make decisions while shopping. Lesson will include label reading, awareness of sugar content and other take-home techniques for the residents.

Cost per participant – $15.00 (minimum of 10 participants)

For registration questions please contact Katie Van Dyke