Healthy Aging Series Speakers

May 16, 2018 | What Matters Now? How medications factor into (and out of) goals of treatment | Stephanie Kaplan, ND

Stephanie Kaplan, ND, has been a primary care physician since 2001, and now focuses her practice on older adults, as well as those at the end of life. Over the years Dr. Kaplan had increasingly visited older people who have found it difficult to leave their homes for appointments. Those meetings sparked her passion to serve older adults and to embrace a home visit practice model as a geriatrician. Advocacy is a large part of Dr. Kaplan’s work. She supports her patients in collaboration with their other health providers to find creative solutions for medical, social and psychological concerns. Her goal is to meet the individual needs of seniors with the diverse offerings under the umbrella of naturopathic medicine, including nutrition, movement, mindfulness, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, mindfulness, and medication management.


June 6, 2018 | Food Matters: Nutrition for Optimal Aging | Julie Guenette, PhD, MScN

Julie Guenette, PhD, MScN, is a gerontologist and a holistic nutritionist. With an emphasis on optimal aging through the healing power of nutrition, Julie supports the healthcare movement toward an integrated model of medicine. She holds a PhD in Urbam Studies/Gerontology from Portland state Ubniversity (2005), and a Master’s Degree from the National University of Natural Medicine (2016). Julie is no stranger to community health, having spent 20 years in the field of gerontology as a reseacrh associate, healthcare quality improvement specialist, and nutrition counselor. In addition to her roles as an instructor at the Age wise Institute and Portland Community college, Julie maintains a medical nutrition therapy practice in Portland, OR. Before joining the Age Wise Institute in 2016, Julie worked for the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC), Oregon Health & Sciences Univeristy (OHSU), The Institute on Aging (NIH), and Health Insights. You can contact Julie at She is also available for private consultations on nutrition therapy.


June 20, 2018 | Environmental Triggers, Hormonal System, and Healthy Brain Function | Tal Cohen, DAOM, Lac

Tal Cohen, DAOM, Lac, specialized in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological pain at the Rehabilitation department of the Tel Aviv Souraski hospital and pain management at the Integrative Medicine unit at the Assaf Harofe Medical Center. He also received clinical training in Chinese herbs at the endocrinology and internal medicine of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital in China. Dr. Cohen completed his doctorate from Oregon College of Oriental medicine and specialized in the treatment of women’s health and internal medicine with acupuncture and Herbal medicine. Dr. Cohen has been continuing his education as a Certified Health and Fitness Instructor from Wingate Institute, Japanese acupuncture, integrative orthopedics and gynecology, and advanced nutritional training from the school of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Berkeley, California, and Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition from University of Western States.