Sweet, savory, wine, poetry, people & fun

Class length: 3.5 hours

Themed workshops incorporating the use of paint, poetry, music, food, drink and group energy to encourage unleashing of the creative for all individuals. Based on the philosophy of personalism; believing in a creative self and experience that is unique to every one of us.

The food is colorful, tasty and different each workshop and relating to the theme and used to encourage sensation creative brainstorming. It also aids in taking away the intimidation factor of painting in a group. Music, poetry and abbreviated movements are used as added tools to inspire and encourage individuals to let goof preconceptions and relax into their painting

Gaye Roth, accomplished oil painter and designer will guide participants to listen to their creative through this process. For the beginner it gives courage and abates fear of trying the new and for the seasoned artist it can loosen and shakeup their style. The group energy, theme and circumstance is different each time.

Attendees will take away a painting that is a journey composed of layers of paint, uniquely theirs while experiencing a social experience in a safe and fun environment by encouraging the use of emotion, energy and sensation.

Cost per participant – $140.00 (minimum of 10 participants)

Included in each workshop is all painting supplies, gourmet food, wine and other beverage. Each participant takes home their finished painting. Aprons are provided.

For registration questions please contact Amy Henderson, MA.