Traditional Roots Institute Herbal Classes

Classes ran through the Traditional Roots Institute could include the following lectures. Please note all classes include material and teaching costs as well as something to take home.

1 hour class – $30.00 per person (minimum of 8 participants)

  • Herb Walks

2 hour classes – $40.00 per person (minimum of 8 participants)

  • Homemade Herbal Salves and Skincare
  • Medicinal Honey Making

3 hour classes – $60.00 per person (minimum of 8 participants)

  • Herbal Tea Blending
  • Aromatherapy

Herbal Happy Hour

Three-Part Series – $275 per person for all three

Blending the ancient world of botanical medicine with that of the modern bar mixologist, this class develops a flavorful and healing balance between the nasty tasting tinctures of the past and cocktails loaded with sugar at your local bar.

Bitters, Digestives and Aperitifs

Class length: 3 hours

Bitter herbs have a long history of being used as a stimulating digestive aid. In this class we will focus on the rebirth of bitters, and work to create several delicious modern bitters.

Cost per participant – $105 (minimum of 10 participants)

Liqueurs and Cordials

Class length: 3 hours

Cordials are a tasty blend of sweet and alcoholic, a blend of classic tonic herbs for wellness. They are traditionally combined with brandy to create a warming and relaxing tonic.

Cost per participant – $105 (minimum of 10 participants)

Tonic and Other Bubbly Water

Class length: 3 hours

The world changed dramatically with the discovery of Cinchona bark, which was used for treatment and prevention of malaria. We have had since then have a love affair with the fever-tree bark, used in tonic water and other beverages.

Cost per participant – $105 (minimum of 10 participants)

For registration questions please contact Katie Van Dyke